5 Tips to Construct a Strong Landing Page

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Modern, captivating web design? Check.

An increase in website traffic? Check.

Visitors converting into customers? …Erm.

While your website may be attracting an influx of visitors, your end goal should be converting those visitors into customers. Consequently, they may be exploring your site only to leave without taking action. Why not hook them while they’re on your website, instead?

With a strong landing page, you can convince visitors to complete a single action—such as clicking to another page, purchasing your product, or contacting you. Just like that, you’re generating leads and gaining new customers!

Remember, the purpose of a landing page is to inspire action from your visitors, not just gain traffic. From the headline to the final call-of-action (CTA), the elements of a strong landing page should be focused on that singular purpose.

With these five tips for a strong landing page, you’ll have everything you need to entice visitors to take action.

Compose a Clean Copy

Visitors won’t be able to find your landing page in the first place without a precise, purposeful ad. The language of your ad needs to reflect its landing page, so make sure the message between the ad, headline, and CTA on the corresponding landing page are all consistent. As a result, that uniformity creates a clear objective for your customers. They won’t question a CTA that reads “Sign Up Today to Boost Sales!” if the ad reads “Boost Sales by Signing Up Today!” They will, however, be confused if that CTA leads them to an e-book instead.

On the landing page, the copy needs to answer one question before visitors even get the chance to ask it: “What’s in it for me?” Emphasis value through clear, concise copy while remaining focused on the landing page’s inspired action.

Keep Design in Mind

With a clean, minimalistic design, you can keep visitors focused on why they’re visiting your landing page in the first place. Take advantage of white space to draw their eyes towards compelling images and the final CTA. Splashes of color that reflect the company’s theme strategically attract attention to the CTA button as well.

A responsive, mobile-friendly landing page also creates the opportunity for conversions. With a clean design, your landing page will keep visitors focused on the prize: your CTA.

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Take Action

What is it you’re trying to convince visitors to do in the first place? Do you want them to sign up for a newsletter, or contact you directly? You can at least make it sound a little more exciting than that! Use a strong, compelling verb that incites action. Instead of “Click Here,” use verbs such as “boost” or create urgency with words such as “hurry.” Phrasing CTAs is an art, but the right word can make all the difference is persuading visitors to take action.

Don’t forget that the CTA initiated in your ad should be reiterated in the corresponding landing page. Repeat the same language to show consistency in your headline and CTA button as well.

Formulate For Ease

Don’t exhaust and frustrate visitors with a complicated form. Keep it short, simple, and static throughout the landing page. Ask only for the information you need. Forms with fewer items are more likely to have higher conversion rates. That way, visitors fill out the entire form, instead of getting impatient and stopping halfway.

Test and Track

Test out different ads, CTAs, and landing pages to see which combinations produce higher results. You may notice that changing your CTA will decrease visitors to your landing page, but increase conversion rates. Don’t forget that the purpose of your strong landing page is to gain conversions. Once you’ve tried a few different combinations, track the results to discover what works best.

With these tips in mind, you’ll have a high-converting landing page in no time!

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