Why WordPress Maintenance?

Would you buy a new car and never change its oil? Or rotate the tires?

Or how about a house? Would you let your grass go unmowed or your light bulbs unchanged?

The answer to all of these obviously is “no.”

So why would you build a great WordPress website and ignore its maintenance? Particularly if you depend on your website for income that you use to maintain your home and car?

Like care for any valuable asset, WordPress maintenance works best when it is done often. We know, though, that like with a neglected lawn, you may struggle to make time for the mundane.

We will maintain your WordPress site even if we didn’t build it so that you can focus your attention elsewhere, like on running your business. Whether it is validating your site’s style sheets and coding, deleting unused images, cleaning dead links or purging spam, we fix it so that you can forget about it.

WordPress Plugin Installation and Configuration

Plugins can make your site look better and run smoother. We put the best to use for you by keeping up with the newest releases and configuring them for your site.

Wordpress Backups

Just as you would sleep better knowing your car is in the garage, so would you rest peacefully with the knowledge that we have backed up your WordPress database and files.

Our expert developers are here to help!