WordPress Theme Support to save you time, money and frustration.

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A WordPress theme is more than a pretty space.

You may think of your theme as your site’s look but it is more complex than just a set of images.

From customized template files and style sheets to custom pages and code files, you could lose hours of productivity if you cannot comprehend your WordPress theme’s complexity.

You can buy a theme from a site like Theme Forest, which has the most amazing themes. But after you find the perfect theme for your WordPress website you may also find that installing it and setting it up can be a bit overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. We can help you install, customize and configure your WordPress theme so that it looks—and works—best. Our WordPress Theme Support team makes your theme work for you.

WordPress Theme Installation

Installing a WordPress theme isn’t always easy. In fact, it can be downright hard, particularly if you must install it manually. Rely on our expert help.

WordPress Theme Configuration

Adjust your theme’s widgets, settings and color scheme to produce the desired impact on your website’s visitors. Vary design by page and post type.

WordPress Theme Support by Phone

We’ll install your WordPress theme for you and give you a 30-minute phone consultation to show you how to use it and customize the theme to make it your own.

If you haven’t installed a WordPress theme before or if you don’t do it regularly, questions and problems will likely arise as you try to present your content the way you want. Don’t waste time trying to figure them out yourself. Our WordPress Theme Support experts have answered those questions and solved those same problems in installing, customizing and configuring hundreds of themes.

We will make you look good—with a fraction of your time and effort.

What’s the difference between a free theme and a premium theme?

It comes down to all the bells and whistles. Premium or paid themes usually have more robust tools and functionality for you to customize every aspect, upload your logo, shopping carts, responsive, image slideshows and so much more! If you want to really see the difference visit Theme Forest and browse through the available theme demos. But be sure to put your shoes on to keep your socks from being knocked off. It’s pretty amazing how impressive your website can look.

How to choose your WordPress theme.

There are so many premium themes available it can be tough to decide. We like to filter themes by category and then sort them by sales. If a theme has a lot of sales it generally comes with a lot of cool extras, and has better support. High number of sales also means the theme has been around for a while and most of the kinks have been worked out. I never like to be the first buyer or even within the first 50 buyers because new means there could be issues that haven’t been worked out yet.